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A new Standard, ISO 17672, Brazing - Filler metals, has recently been issued.

Seminars 2014


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Hannover – Germany
13th Annual Aluminium Brazing Seminar 9th and 10th September 2014. Details of the event will be found on The Training Seminars page on this site together with a link that will enable you to download the Seminar programme and the booking forms for attendance and your hotel requirements.


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Welcome to the home of ‘best practice’ brazing

We are:

Now in our 43rd year of serving Industry, we are the only organisation in the world to operate as an independent not-for-profit Technical Society concerned with the promotion of ‘best practice’ Brazing Technology. A Committee that is comprised of eight Corporate Members controls us.

We offer:

  1. Technical information either by telephone, e-mail, and where necessary, by ‘on-site’ consultancy visits, concerning all aspects of brazing technology.
  2. Each of the consultants that we use to provide this range of services to our Members invariably has at least 15 years experience of ‘hands-on’ problem solving in one or more of such diverse areas as Aluminium CAB furnace brazing, vacuum- and continuous-furnace brazing, induction, resistance, and flame brazing; this experience having been acquired from their travel both in the United Kingdom and abroad when engaged in training or problem solving visits to users of the technology concerned.

  3. Training Seminars on a regular basis covering, for example, specific aspects of brazing technology such as Aluminium Brazing, High-Temperature furnace brazing, Brazing Tungsten carbide, Mass-production brazing procedures for Industry, and ‘hands-on’ training in the practical application of ‘best practice’ manual flame brazing.

  4. Access by Members to our technical library together with the facility to download any of the documents that are of interest to them.(Non-members can request us to send them any two of the documents by following the link from Free Documents on the left-hand side of this page).

  5. Because EABS has Members who are also members of the BSI Brazing Committee WEE/19, there is an opportunity for our Members to contribute, via those delegates, to the draft proposals for both ‘new’ BSI Brazing Standards or to the ‘modification’ of existing Standards. British Standards are routinely considered for adoption as EN and/or ISO Standards.

  6. Trial Corporate Membership for a two-month period to enable potential Members to gain personal experience of the advantages of being a Corporate Member of EABS (Click here for further details of this unique opportunity).

Thank you for visiting us, and we hope that when you browse the site you will find something that is currently of specific interest to you!